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The North Face Evolution II Triclimate Jacket

July 1, 2017

Just before we set off for Wales, the temperature in Surrey had soared to almost 30 degrees. But we arrived in Pembrokeshire to a very different climate – it was cold, wet and windy! The weather took a turn for the worse on our first day so donning our waterproofs, we headed to a deserted Tenby beach. When I say deserted there was an ice-cream van circling the beach on the hunt for potential customers!

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Sharing with La Famiglia at Prezzo

June 6, 2017

I’m not sure I know anyone that doesn’t adore Italian food. The Doves certainly love it so we were totally up for the #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge at Prezzo. La Famiglia is a pasta sharing bowl designed to feed up to four people. That did mean of course the three of us had to agree what to have! Initially, we thought we might share Spaghetti Bolognese as it’s one of POD’s favourites. That said, we had our eyes on one of the other sharing bowls.  

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Exploring nature with Flights of Fancy

May 29, 2017

Six year old POD has always been interested in nature. Of course it helps living in Surrey, I’m not sure her sense of curiosity would be the same if we were still in London. In addition to the garden, we’re surrounded by green space whether it be woodland, parks or National Trust sites which we have in abundance. POD may seem like a girly girl but in actual fact she loves the great outdoors and will always be the first up a tree.

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Introducing Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

May 1, 2017

Remember Hatchimals were THE hottest toys to have in 2016? Well now children can hatch a whole world with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles from Spin Master. These small speckled eggs just need a little nurturing to hatch and there are over 70 to collect in season one, each belonging to one of 13 families. Having missed getting an original Hatchimal for her Christmas Day birthday, POD was almost beside herself when the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles arrived. She saw the spotty bag as soon as she returned from school – even though I’d tried to hide it on the top of a cupboard!

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Scooting and staying safe this summer

April 27, 2017

When you’re six, there really is nothing better than scooting to school is there? POD probably relishes it more than most given she only learnt how to scoot recently. The opportunities to do so up to that point had been few and far between. Partly because we didn’t get a place at the local primary school and spent 18 months driving to another one. Suffice to say POD has outgrown the scooter we bought for her a couple of years back so she was thrilled to try out the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe. Being pink like her helmet was an added bonus of course – it does come in blue and green too.

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Exploring Paradise Wildlife Park

April 20, 2017

Six year old POD loves animals so she was thrilled to hear we were off to Paradise Wildlife Park over the school holiday. She was especially excited to discover the award-winning park has launched Penguin Falls as she’s been learning about penguins at school recently. As it happens the state-of-the-art enclosure at Paradise Wildlife Park is new, created for critically endangered African penguins.

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New episodes of Kazoops on CBeebies

April 17, 2017

Last summer we went to the screening of Kazoops and POD loved the episodes we saw that day. She continued to watch Kazoops on CBeebies daily from then on and thoroughly enjoyed it. She’s delighted this heartwarming animation is back on CBeebies daily from Easter Monday. If you’ve not seen the programme yet, it tells the story of Monty Kazoops – a six year old boy with a vivid imagination whose best friend is a pig called Jimmy Jones. He lives with his parents (Stan and Violet), sister Jeanie and his Gran.

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Does the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring work?

April 16, 2017

We’ve tried various sleep solutions in the past and they’ve made no difference to the POD Father’s snoring. Added to which its become much louder over recent years. We’re not talking a little snort every now and again either, we’re talking that shake the house kind of snoring. Suffice to say there have been many nights when all three of us just don’t get enough sleep. Even the POD Father as he regularly wakes himself up with the sound of his own snoring! When we heard about the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, expectations were very low although the POD Father was willing to give it a go.

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Schleich Showjumper with Horse

April 16, 2017

Last summer we reviewed the brilliant Horse Club Riding Stable from Schleich. It came with two horses, a jockey, window boxes and a whole host of extras. POD has only ridden herself a handful of times but she loves this set and the attention to detail is spot on. The Schleich Showjumper with Horse is from the same range so it can integrate with the Horse Club Riding Stable set or be played with on its own. We’ve come to expect great quality products from Schleich and this showjumper with horse certainly met those expectations.

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