Exciting news for PJ Masks fans #PJMasksHalloween

October 25, 2017

Having met Owlette at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo just a few days earlier, six year old POD was really looking forward to the PJ Masks Halloween Party. It promised to bring lots of surprises and she hoped this would include a visit from her heroes too. PJ Masks is a hit TV series on Disney Junior which is based on the Les Pyjamasques book series by Romuald Racioppo. It tells the story of three six year old friends (Connor, Amaya and Greg) who by day live normal lives. After dark however, Amaya becomes Owlette, Connor becomes Catboy and Greg becomes Gekko.

Catboy is the leader of PJ Masks with his PJ Powers including super cat speed, supersonic hearing and he has a super cat leap. Owlette on the other hand has super owl wings, owl eyes and owl wing wind. Gekko has a super lizard grip, super gekko muscles and super gekko camouflage. Together the three superheroes fight crime, go on adventures and solve mysteries – learning valuable lessons along the way. More often than not this will include on of the PJ Masks villains – Romeo, Luna Girl and her moths or Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos.

PJ Masks is POD’s favourite TV programme by some distance at the moment. She loves the PJ Masks toys too and already has a few along with a Catboy costume and mask although her favourite character is actually Owlette. Without a red winged costume she opted for a dress at the PJ Masks Halloween Party which took place at Picturehouse Central in Central London.

With crafts a plenty, POD got to work with her mask making and once she’d finished tested out the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset. She also got herself a pink doggy balloon – a marvellous creation which came complete with a lead to pull it along with. She’s not keen on having her face painted but was desperate to get some of those all important wings painted on her arm. A Diddi Dance session was also taking place for the pre-schoolers which involved lots of dancing like the PJ Masks characters. Diddi Dance, in partnership with PJ Masks, is holding Super Dance Party in classes across the UK from 30th October to 5th November to raise funds for the Youth Sport Trust.

Having already caught a glimpse of Catboy, it wasn’t long before the three superheroes made an appearance much to POD’s delight. Owlette is POD’s favourite character but she loves Catboy and Gekko too of course. She was then back to make a surprise mask for me, Owlette kindly helping out with the big reveal! We then had a special screening of PJ Masks and caught a couple of brilliant unseen episodes. We also heard about some new characters coming which is going to make PJ Masks even more exciting! The new series is now running on Disney Junior at 5.45pm every day.

To coincide with the new TV series, a range of fantastic PJ Masks products which will be launching in retailers nationwide. These include a PJ Masks Twist Top Bottle with a hidden straw (RRP £4.49), a PJ Masks Magazine bursting with colouring pages, puzzles and drawing competitions (RRP £2.99 with bumper issues £3.99), a PJ Masks Official Annual 2018 (RRP £7.99) with games, activities and puzzles, a PJ Masks Time to be a Hero officially licenced fleece blanket £9.99), a PJ Masks jigsaw, a PJ Masks Time to be a Hero DVD with 6 episodes, PJ Masks Vehicle and Figure Assist Pack with articulated figure (RRP £13.99), PJ Masks Bean Plush Toy (RRP £8.99) and PJ Masks Blind Bags (RRP £2.69).

As you can imagine POD had the most brilliant time at the PJ Masks Halloween Party. She’s already mid-way through the PJ Masks Annual and magazine with the fleece an accompaniment when watching her favourite programme on Disney Junior. Of course with her are her PJ Masks toys and sporadic sipping from her PJ Masks bottle. She’s delighted to now have the full set of PJ Masks vehicles along with a plush toy Owlette twin and she got Catboy in her blind bag! I’m sure it won’t be long before she has that much wanted Owlette costume especially given its her birthday on Christmas Day.

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