Farm World from Schleich

May 7, 2017

We’re huge fans of Schleich and have reviewed a few of their products over the last year. From the showjumper and horseHorse Club Riding Centre and Wildlife Starter Set to the Smurf House and Giant Volcano with T-Rex. One of the reasons we love Schleich toys so much is that the products are always great quality and the attention to detail is superb.

On a quest to add more characters to her Horse Club Riding Centre set up, POD was thrilled to receive the Farm World farmer and goat set. Designed for children aged 3-6, this Schleich set comes with the farmer and goat along with a pitchfork and apples. Like the previous Schleich products we’ve reviewed, the quality is excellent with the characters totally childproof – by that I mean they can withstand being bashed around! The figures are hand painted and with so much detail too. From the expression on the farmer’s face and the creases in his trousers right through to the texture of the goat’s fur. The pitchfork adds another dimension to imaginative play as the farmer can hold it while he cleans out his stable (he has moveable arms). He also has his goat to milk too. What’s great about this set is that it can be played with on it’s own or with other Schleich products.

With it being such a gorgeous day, POD decided to take this Schleich set outside to play with. Initially there was quite a sensible scene with the farmer going about his daily chores with the goat standing nearby. Now she’s six however we did have a spell of silliness although that’s all part of the fun isn’t it? The farmer and his goat raced each other before becoming enemies then making up again – this seemed to involve the farmer riding the goat! Much hilarity ensued as you can imagine but it just goes to show how much fun POD has had with the set already. I’m sure it won’t be long before the farmer is helping out at the Horse Club Riding Centre where he will be joined with jockeys, horses, some animals and a few dinosaurs.

Disclaimer: We received the Schleich Farm World Farmer and Goat (RRP £8.99) for the purpose of this review. Opinions are as always our own. 

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