Scooting and staying safe this summer

April 27, 2017

When you’re six, there really is nothing better than scooting to school is there? POD probably relishes it more than most given she only learnt how to scoot recently. The opportunities to do so up to that point had been few and far between. Partly because we didn’t get a place at the local primary school and spent 18 months driving to another one. Suffice to say POD has outgrown the scooter we bought for her a couple of years back so she was thrilled to try out the Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe. Being pink like her helmet was an added bonus of course – it does come in blue and green too.

Designed for children aged 3-6, the Y Glider Deluxe arrived in two pieces which clicked together with ease. It’s great quality scooter that feels heavy enough to keep POD safe but lightweight enough for me to carry from and to school every day. It can be used indoors and out although it’s mainly the latter for POD. Scooters are brilliant for developing things like balance, co-ordination and motor skills. POD loves the freedom scooting gives her. She’s raised many a smile as she whizzes past people shouting “WOO HOO” that’s for sure!

It’s a great time of year to purchase a first scooter and get a bit of practice in the summer holidays. POD adored the Y Glider Deluxe from the off. She quickly got to grips with the “lean-to-steer” steering mechanism, helped by the handles being easy to grip. To slow down or stop, she just rests her foot on the brake above the back wheel. She’s left legged so she does this with her right foot. The foot plate of the Y Glider Deluxe is wide enough for her whole foot – or two feet if she’s not propelling herself along. POD is so comfortable on this scooter and already starting to pick up the pace. She wants to take it everywhere!

Thinking about those heady summer days (the warmer weather is coming, honest!), we thought we’d share our top tips to keeping kids safe while they’re outdoors. We want them to make the most of it and have a summer to remember after all don’t we?

Never leave children unattended 

Whether they’re having fun in a playhouse, enjoying a swing or bouncing on a trampoline, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Always make sure you watch children and never leave them unattended. Check the area around them to make sure they’re playing in a safe environment. I look for bumble bees in the grass at times during the summer as POD is often in bare feet.

Keep them protected 

POD always wears a helmet and closed shoes when she scoots. We also encourage her not to scoot through puddles, tempting as it is, as it can make the foot rest slippery. She learnt the hard way not to scoot over drains and up curbs without stopping! Always make sure bikes and scooters are in good working order before you set off and any loose clothing is tucked away. POD has scooted in a long Snow White dress before which we had to tuck into her leggings! Applying suncream and drinking more water when it’s warmer is a must whatever you’re doing.

Teach them road safety 

Finally, teach them to look and listen when near roads on scooters on bikes. POD had limited road safety skills when she started scooting. That said, her awareness has improved greatly over recent weeks. She stops before roads, looks for cars and listens for any coming her way. She’s also not invincible so if you see her scooting, I’ll often be keeping up by running behind her.

Disclaimer: We received an Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter for the purpose of this review. Opinions are as always our own. Visit the Yvolution website for more information on their scooter and balance bikes. 

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  • Susie Dove May 2, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Super scooter – I bet there’s no stopping POD now!