Create your own Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

April 12, 2017

The Cadbury Great British Egg Hunt celebrates the Easter season with a series of events at National Trust sites up to and over the Easter weekend. You can join in with the Cadbury Great British Egg Hunt at home too by creating your own family hunt. It really is eggsellent fun and you can make it as easy or as challenging as you like thanks to Cadbury.

New research from Cadbury has revealed us Brits enjoy spending time with friends and family over the Easter weekend. Nearly 60% highlighted it as the best thing about the Easter holidays closely followed by having time off work (46%) and eating Easter chocolates (44%). That said, the study revealed the average family only spends two days of the Easter holidays with wider family. The findings also revealed inspiration can be lacking when it comes to undertaking activities (27%) and keeping the family entertained (25%). When it came to celebrating Easter, Easter Egg Hunts (33%) and giving or receiving chocolate (47% and 56%) were in the top 5 things to do.

As a result, Cadbury is helping families across the UK with inspirational tips and tricks that will help make your Easter weekend. There’s lots of Easter fun to be had at home whether it be jazzing up your Easter bakes or having your own Easter egg hunt. Cadbury has fun Easter activity videos with the Cadbury Easter Bunny on its Facebook page too.

Six year old POD loves a good Easter egg hunt so we set up an eggstra special one for her in the garden. Cadbury has a Hunt Pack on its Easter website which is brilliant and so easy to use. With ideas, tips and clues, everything is printable. Your Easter egg hunt can be as easy or as challenging as you like as there are templates to suit both young and older children – or indeed adults! We decided to have our hunt outdoors using a combination of bunny footprints, signage and instructions. You can use the templates Cadbury has created or print off the blank clues to come up with your own. Hints might include things like “getting warmer”, “freezing” or “hot, hot, hot”. We made some bunny ears for POD using the cut out template and attaching them to one of her hairbands. If you’re feeling creative, you could also make a bunny nose and whiskers, bunny tail and a basket!

The bunny footprints were a brilliant way to start the hunt and they were dotted around the garden with some signage to keep POD heading in the right direction. She found the first Mini Oreo eggs and an Egg N Spoon Oreo pretty swiftly so we kept it interesting by throwing in a few challenges. The first was to do 5 star jumps then head down her slide. She found a couple more Mini Oreo eggs when she reached the bottom.

We then threw in a few clues to get her thinking about where she might need to look. This added another dimension to the hunt as she wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s far more entertaining than just hiding the eggs and asking her to find them plus we had some rather amusing facial expressions along the way as well!

Before she got comfortable with the bunny footprints and clues, we threw in another challenge. This time to jump 10 times on her trampoline. Having already had a challenge and found some chocolate she was hoping for much of the same but unlucky this time around. We wouldn’t want to be too predictable though would we? She did discover a visual clue though and headed for a flowerpot where she came across the last of the Mini Oreo Eggs.

POD is doing really well with her reading at school so her final two clues would lead her to two Dairy Milk eggs. But only if she read each clue herself, work out what the missing word was and find the eggs. Both of which were in less obvious places so she had to hunt for them. POD did so well finding everything and had the best time, especially when the hunt was more challenging. It look less than 15 minutes to this set up for her (largely thanks to Cadbury!) and probably gave her a good half an hour’s enjoyment.

We all know Cadbury knows Easter eggs but I had no idea some 255,000 are made in their factory every single day. Just to put that into context, if you put them all together that’s the equivalent of 305 Big Bens, 98 Eiffel Towers or 76 Empire State Buildings! Cadbury sell 83 million Easter eggs over the Easter period alone with the Cadbury Creme Egg 138g the most popular.

Cadbury has a new Easter collection for 2017 so it’s easy to pick what suits your family based on the ages of your children. There’s a Popping Candy Bunny, Egg N Spoon Oreo, Minis Mix, Double Decker Large Shell Egg, Roses Thoughtful Gesture Large Shell Egg, Mini Eggs and the Egg Hunt Treatsize Pack. The Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack, Popping Candy Bunny and Easter eggs are ideal for family egg hunts. You can check out the eggstensive Cadbury Easter range here.

If you’re not able to do a hunt at home, do check out all the Cadbury events taking place in the lead up to and over the Easter weekend. The Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt is taking place at National Trust sites all over England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and there are 300 hunts to choose from. To find out more and discover a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at a National Trust property near you, visit Cadbury’s Easter website.

This is a collaborative post with Cadbury. Opinions are as always our own. 

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