When a treetop adventure doesn’t go to plan

March 12, 2017

POD has always been a climber. If memory served me right, she climbed before she learnt to walk. I’ll never forget the time she scaled a chair and pulled herself onto the kitchen table all ready to launch herself off it. She’s always been a fan of climbing trees and she asks if she can do Go Ape at the Alice Holt Forest every time we go there. Last weekend we were at Center Parcs in Longleat with some friends, a prime opportunity we thought for a treetop adventure.

We had the most wonderful weekend, half of which we were blessed with the most glorious sunshine – the other heavy rain. But we are British and we certainly won’t let a few showers get in the way of some fun. POD had decided she wanted to do the treetop adventure with the POD Father so we signed them both up for the following day. POD’s friend also taking to the trees with one of his parents. Given they both recently turned six, we opted for the mid tier aerial adventure. It involved being connected to glider-like safety harness system onto a rope course that includes a couple of zip wires. POD was very excited about doing this and we were thrilled for her too given how many times she’s asked to do it.

POD has a big character and not much phases her but she a little tired having had a late night. We’d had the most fabulous BBQ and she stayed awake longer than she should for fear of missing out. We had a hearty breakfast at the Pancake House though and with our bellies full, headed over to the aerial adventure. POD wasn’t keen from the off but soon changed her mind when her friend whizzed down the zip wire. It was certainly out of character for her as she normally adores anything that involves climbing. Once she left the starting platform, her frown turned into a big smile but when she missed the platform the other side, things started to go a little awry.

And then it rained. Not just a little rain either, it absolutely bucketed down. Poor POD hung onto the rope dangling in the air and it took her a few minutes to realise she could pull herself in using the white rope to her right. With the rain coming down hard, she pulled herself to the platform, getting both feet and her body onto it. Just as everyone shouted she should stand on the platform, she let go of the white rope. This sent her back down the zip wire where she finished up dangling but not able to reach the white rope. The rain persisted which didn’t help the situation.

Help was at hand though. A tall chap came past with his son and managed to grab one of POD’s feet, pulling her to the safety of the first platform. POD was then rescued and lowered to the ground. It wasn’t her day to be a tree top adventurer that’s for sure. While her top half was dry and warm (thank you Berghaus), her legs were wet and cold. The POD Father sped round the rest of the course and then we made our way to the nearby Sports Cafe. Hot chocolate with cream for all of us and POD’s smile was back on her face in no time.

Although we dried off quickly, we headed back to our lodge to relax for an hour before heading back out. Some might say we should get POD back in the trees sooner rather than later but we’re inclined to wait until the weather is better. After all she wasn’t on form and she has asked to do it for so very long! What do you think, any tips?

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  • Kel March 14, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Oh bless her! She was very brave giving it a try at all – I’m not sure I would have done!
    Hope she gets to have another go soon, and it goes a little better! x

  • Sara | mumturnedmom March 22, 2017 at 12:24 am

    I think she was super brave to try at all! I wouldn’t 🙂 Hope she’s okay, and that she has another go soon x