Disney Beauty and the Beast Puzzle

March 10, 2017

POD has been a fan of Beauty and the Beast for some time now so she’s excited about the new Disney film. Due for release later this month, it stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Carter, of Downtown Abbey fame, as the beast. To celebrate the upcoming launch, Ravensburger has created a Beauty and the Beast jigsaw.

Designed for children aged 6+ and consisting of 100 pieces, I thought POD might need some help but in actual fact she did the majority of this XXL jigsaw herself. It’s the largest Ravensburger jigsaw she’s had to date but we all need to be challenged a little don’t we? We first laid out all the pieces, turning them the right way up and placing all the corners in a pile. POD then started putting the jigsaw together, initially focusing on Belle.

It’s a great jigsaw and it’s well made too with good sized chunky pieces – especially useful if one is put in the wrong position by accident. The picture on the outside of the box is a true likeness to the jigsaw so it’s really easy to follow. POD especially liked that Belle’s dress was all glittery although the jigsaw has some superb detailing.

Once POD had all the edges in place there was no stopping her and she sped through the remainder of the jigsaw. She might have spent a little too much time sitting on the table but it was easier for her to spot pieces. POD did so well with this jigsaw given it’s the largest she’s attempted. Much of it she completed herself. She was so pleased with the end result as she gave the jigsaw a little kiss!

Disclaimer: We received the Disney Beauty and the Beast 100 piece puzzle from Ravensburger for the purpose of this review. Opinions are as always our own. 

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  • Susan Mann March 13, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    What a beautiful puzzle. We are looking forward to seeing this film when it’s out. x