Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier & Accessories

March 7, 2017

Miniature playsets and accessories always make great collectables. Six year old POD always enjoys toys that are portable, often packing a bag if we’re heading off somewhere. The Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier and Accessory Pack are ideal for exactly that reason. She’s been able to take them everywhere with her from school to classes to around the house. Founded in the nineties, there are now 100 puppies in the Puppy In My Pocket range with Kitty In My Pocket and Jungle In My Pocket coming this year too.

The Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier (RRP £4.99) and the Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack (RRP £7.99) are both from Flair. POD was fascinated by the dog carrier as soon as it arrived as it had two surprise puppies inside. The Puppy In My Pocket Puppy Carrier Accessory Pack comes with everything the puppies needed for a weekend away. It’s an eight piece set with 2 collectable puppies, one carrier, a bed, blanket, double food dish, a treat and a collector’s checklist. The set is available in 3 colours – pink, purple or teal.

POD always enjoys imaginative play so it wasn’t long before the puppies were sharing their food and heading off on their adventures. The attention to detail with these sets is superb, POD loves the fact you can carry them around but also that the puppies have realistic-looking features. Accessories like the bed, blanket, food dish and treat just enhanced the element of pretend play. It was nice too that POD got to play with them for the first time out in the garden as the weather was so lovely.

All the Puppy In My Pocket puppies are named so it’s easy to tick them off on the checklist. POD received ‘Beamer’ the Bedlington Terrier and ‘Lovey’ the Briard in her Puppy In My Pocket Carrier Pack. The surprise puppies in her Accessory Pack were ‘Tangles’ the Komondor and ‘Amber’ the greyhound. She did however decide to rename them all – ‘Beamer’ became ‘Braveness’, ‘Lovey’ became ‘Shyness’, ‘Tangles’ became ‘Wrinkle’ and ‘Amber’ became ‘Goodness’. They were all the best of friends however and looked after each other while they were off having adventures. I suspect we’ll be seeing some more puppies appear in the coming months!

Disclaimer: We received the Puppy In My Pocket Dog Carrier and Puppy In My Pocket Carrier Accessory Pack for the purposes of this review. Opinions are as always our own. 

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