Our PJ Masks Toys Party

March 2, 2017

If you read this post you will have heard about the exciting new PJ Masks toy range from Flair. It brings to life the brilliant animated series on the Disney Junior channel. POD is a huge fan of Connor, Amaya and Greg who transform into the Catboy, Owlette and Gekko superheroes when they put their pyjamas on! We were one of the #PJMasksToys Twitter party hosts with UKMums.tv this week. There were some amazing prizes won and we tweeted about our very own PJ Masks party. POD got to try out the new PJ Masks Toys, play some games and have a whole lot of fun with her friends.

The PJ Masks toy range from Flair includes costume sets (RRP £24.99), vehicle and figure sets (RRP £13.99), Blind Bags (RRP £2.49) and Beanie Plush toys (RRP £8.99). We had the room set up with the view that each of the girls could adopt one of the superheroes characteristics. Owlette is POD’s favourite although she was dressed as Catboy for the duration of her party. It’s a superb costume, she would have happily slept in it given half a chance!

Each of the PJ Masks have superpowers. Leader Catboy’s special powers include Super Cat Speed, Cat Ears (super hearing) and a Super Cat Leap. Owlette is a all about her Super Owl Wings, Owl Eyes and Owl Wing Wind whereas Gekko has a Super Lizard Grip, Super Gekko Camouflage and Super Gekko Muscles. We had each of the superheros and their cars (the Cat-Car, Owl-Glider and Gekko-Mobile) on display for when the kids arrived after school along with their plush equivalent.

Our first activity was to create a PJ Mask mask. All the girls wanted to be Owlette and did brilliantly creating their own masks with the cardboard templates we received, just needing a little help with the eye holes and the ribbon. It’s fair to say excitement levels were at fever pitch, even at this point!

After the mask making activities, we moved onto a match the item with the character game. Everyone did really well in this managing to find all 4 images that corresponded with Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. The detailed plush toys were a huge hit. They’re really cuddly and just the right size for little hands to grip. POD has already taken Owlette into school with her as they recently had a superhero day.

Colouring was a great activity to embark on next to instigate some quieter time and organise the food. We had two different kinds of colouring sheets and some crayons. None of the children had been outside on the day of the party due to bad weather so they were much more excitable than usual. Having refuelled and let off a little excess energy, it was time for pass the parcel. They’d wanted to play this since we arrived as there were 12 layers to unwrap and none of us knew what was inside.

We used the soundtrack from The Trolls for pass the parcel. While we weren’t going to look to see who got what, there were some lovely stand-up figures as prizes. We ended up having a sneaky peek before we stopped the music to ensure everyone got a similar amount. It was lovely to see them all swapping characters at the end so each got what they wanted.

They then embarked on free play with the vehicle and figure sets. These are fantastic as the figures are sturdy yet moveable and just click into their vehicle. What makes these toys even better is that they all fit into each other’s cars and they can all share a car too. It’s a great way to add another dimension to imaginative play.

Our PJ Masks party seemed to fly by and we missed one of our games as they loved the free play with the PJ Masks toys so much! POD was disappointed when everyone had to go home. They all got to share the contents of each other’s goodie bags before then though. The girls received a congratulations on being a hero certificate, a poster, stickers, Oreo cookies, milk bottles and colouring sheets. Best of all were the PJ Masks Blind Bags which contained their favourite heroes. Again there was a little swapping going on although POD wasn’t going to part with Connor – one of the rarer figurines. I think it’s fair to say they all had a brilliant time at the PJ Masks Toys party! 

Disclaimer: We received a PJ Masks Toys party box for the purpose of this review. Opinions are as always our own. PJ Masks Toys are available in ToysRus, Smyths, Argos, Tesco and The Entertainer. 

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