Doc McStuffins Accessory & Role Play Set

March 1, 2017

Doc McStuffins is an animated television series on Disney Junior about a girl that can fix toys with the help of her friends. POD’s already a fan and always enjoys imaginative play in whatever guise it may be. She was very excited when the Doc Accessory Set and Doc McStuffins Role Play Set arrived as it meant she could dress up like Doc from Toy Hospital.

Created by Flair, the Doc McStuffins Role Play Set (£24.99) comprises of Doc’s Toy Hospital coat and top, name badge with interchangeable inserts and her stethoscope. The Doc Accessory Set (RRP £9.99) is ideal for role play as it includes a bandage, blood pressure cuff, syringe, otoscope and sticker sheet. Both replicate what POD has seen on the show so it didn’t take long for her to line her toys up. After she’d practised on Daddy of course!

First up was Baby Annabell’s Brother “Leo” who’d been in an accident of some kind. It’s not clear whether this is how Olaf came to be attached to his forehead. Leo got a thorough health check nevertheless which involved checking his breathing, looking at his ears with the otoscope and syringing ‘stuff’ from his arm. He was deemed fit to leave the hospital afterwards and given a sticker as a reward.

Next up was Paddington who’d broken his leg. He needed his blood pressure taken so POD used the blood pressure cuff on his leg – apparently an arm wasn’t suitable. His leg was sorted out but not before he’d had medicine syringed into his mouth, because he couldn’t swallow. After Paddington came the dog who also needed his blood pressure taking, an ear on this occasion rather than a leg. POD decided he was fine as he was telling her jokes while she made sure he was alright. All the animals received Doc McStuffins stickers for bravery which made them feel better. Seems POD is running a very efficient hospital too, not one of them stayed over!

Disclaimer: We received the Doc Accessory Set and Doc McStuffins Role Play Set for the purpose of this review. Opinions are as always our own. 

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