Wildlife starter set from Schleich

February 9, 2017

We’ve reviewed the Horse Club Riding Centre and the Giant Volcano with T-Rex from Schleich in the past. The quality and attention to detail of both sets is absolutely superb and we’ve come to expect this from Schleich. We were excited to see what their Wild Life collectables would be like. POD is fascinated by nature and she’s currently reading about the animal kingdom in her encyclopedia.

The Schleich Wild Life collection is vast and consists of over 100 wildlife products. Designed for children aged between 3 and 6, products are split into four themes – the forests of North America and Northern Europe, the underwater world and the jungle. Our starter set (RRP £14.99) included a zebra, an elephant, a monkey and a lion. As we hoped, the quality of the animals is just superb. They’re solid, easy for little hands to grip and have the most amazing attention to detail. Each is instantly recognisable and provide the perfect inspiration for imaginative play.

POD couldn’t wait to play with them and it won’t come as a surprise to hear they were named almost immediately. The zebra is “Stripey”, the lion “Scary”, the chimpanzee “Cheeky” and the elephant “Lazy” although their names were no reflection on what they were like. They were all good friends too, particularly the lion and the zebra who enjoyed having a chat about what they’d been up to. After that they headed off to play together before climbing on top of each other and comparing bottoms. Having recently turned six, POD obviously found the silliness highly entertaining.

POD has the most wonderful imagination and it’s been great to see her enjoying these animals so much. She’s barely put them down since they arrived. It certainly makes a difference they are so realistic and and easy to hold. Not to mention sturdy which is a must for pretend play. POD loves them, it’s such a great set and I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s adding to her little kingdom!

Disclaimer: We received the Schleich Wildlife Starter Set for the purposes of this review. Visit Schleich to view all their products. Opinions are as always our own. 

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