Introducing Glimmies the magic fairies

February 4, 2017

Fairies have arrived in the Dove household in the form of Glimmies. Sent from the moon to protect the “Glimmieswood” forest animals, Glimmies are 23 little star fairies who love to have adventures. They have a charming resemblance to forest animals and always respect nature. Created by Flair, Glimmies magically shine when darkness falls bringing with them a whole new level of imaginative play.

POD was thrilled with the Glimmies she received. They’re 6cm high so hand-sized and they have expandable arms too plus a tail she could hold on to. What makes them special however is the way they magically light up in the dark, rather like a firefly. Glimmies come with batteries so they can be played with as soon as they’re out of the packet. There’s an on and off switch too so they can be turned on and off as you please.

POD’s Glimmies lit up when she cupped them in her hand, popped them in a black box or when we closed the curtains. If they didn’t light up straightaway, she’d just give them a quick wave and they’d quickly glow pink and yellow. There’s a photometric light sensor on each Glimmies head which responds when there is a lack of light. This is how they work.

POD has the Rakella and Cornélie Glimmies but there are many others to collect – Foxanne, Hazelyn, Celeste, Nova, Dormilla, Batlinda, Lumix, Dotterella, Spinosita, Flayla, Alya, Cerulea, Astrea, Almendra, Lavoonia, Siestina, Fernicia, Rubina, Pluma and Aurea (Aurea is limited edition and is available with the Glimtern). A total of 16 Glimmies are available across single and triple packs with 7 exclusive to playsets. Each of the Glimmies represents a forest animal, has its own distinctive colour and facial expression as well.

POD’s had a lot of fun with her Glimmies during the day but when darkness fell, these Glimmieswood fairies really come alive. They look superb in a dark bedroom and she likes having them lit up while we’re reading a story. They’ve now become a permanent fixture in her room and she adores playing with them. They’ve been to school on a few occasions too now. One thing’s for sure, they’ve certainly made our recently turned six year old very happy indeed.

Disclaimer: We received two packs of Glimmies from Flair for the purpose of this review (RRP £3.99 per single pack). Opinions are as always our own. 

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