Starting a new school in January

January 22, 2017

If you missed the news that POD secured a place at the local school, after a very long wait, do read this post. We’re still in shock if I’m honest although absolutely delighted for her. We received confirmation on Thursday 12th January that she’d secured a place and she started at her new school on Monday 16th January so its been a swift turnaround. It worked out well though and caused minimal upset.

POD had a lovely new teacher at the school she was at and I had an awful pang of guilt informing her it was POD’s last day. I’m sure POD and her huge personality will leave a big hole, not just at the school but also the after school club. I’m not ashamed to admit, I felt a rather emotional myself that day although it was totally the right decision.

The new school is not only local to us and a great fit for POD personally, a few of her bestest friends go there already. It was inevitable it was going to rain when it was the first time ever we’d been able to walk to school. But it meant POD could jump in muddy puddles along the way and we were so happy not to be stuck in traffic! We got to have a proper chat about the world in general on the way too which was lovely. POD’s friends came to meet her before school on her first day and did an excellent job of making her feel welcome. POD’s first day went better than any of us could have anticipated and she didn’t get upset once. She even made some new friends. What made that day particularly memorable for me was seeing her get her spark back again. The POD we know was back for sure!

The walk to school on the second day didn’t go as well as the first what with POD crying pretty much the entire way. She was alright once we got to school though which was a relief. I nearly lost it myself to be honest as everyone was so kind asking if she was alright. I realise that probably sounds odd but few of the parents at POD’s previous school made an effort. Despite the wobbly start, POD had a great day and made a few more friends. She keeps forgetting everyone’s names but that’s totally understandable given she’s new. Some of the children have pointed her out to their parents which is reassuring too, they seem to love having a new friend themselves.

The rest of the week included much of the same aside from a visit to the after school club. POD loved it so much she keeps asking to go there which I’m sure she will do soon enough. Then we had a bit of a turning point on Friday when POD headed straight into her classroom without saying goodbye. She’s done that before at the previous school but always came back. This time she didn’t, she was too busy chatting to her new classmates. While I was a little taken aback, what a wonderful sign that was and just five days in. To be honest I still can’t quite believe she’s finally started at our number one choice of school when two weeks ago we thought she’d never get a place. Here’s to happier school days.

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  • Lisa H February 8, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Aw I’m so glad for you and POD and how lovely she’s settled in so well! ,