Less spills, less mess with Ribena Minis

November 5, 2016

POD has long been a fan of Ribena although it’s not often we’ll have it in the car or when we’re out and about. Until now that is. Ribena has come up with an ingenious solution for kids on the go with their new Ribena Minis. And they’re quite brilliant.

Designed with a ‘less spills, less mess’ cap, Ribena Minis come in 3 flavours – Brilliant Blackcurrant, Oh So Yum Orange and Amazing Apple & Mango. Each is made with real fruit juice and no added sugar which is great for us and even better for five year old adventurer POD. What makes Ribena Minis different is the ‘first of its kind’ cap which is very clever. It has a snazzy ‘press’ button although you open it just as you would a water bottle and it’s re-sealable too. But what makes Ribena Minis particularly innovative however is that they don’t spill.





We thought we’d put Ribena to the test on that one and take the #RibenaMinis Challenge. Five year old POD is pretty much up for anything (as you may remember from that time she smeared herself in mud!) so she is the chief tester. We decided the best way to check the less spill cap was to hold the Ribena Minis bottle over POD’s head. Opting for Amazing Apple & Mango first, she wasn’t sure at all – check out the clenched fist! With a little encouragement however, she did hold the open bottle directly above her head. Having discovered not a single drop had fallen, she had the confidence for a full on bottle in the face test. Again no drops fell.





Having been delighted with her bottle pouring skills with the Apple & Mango juice, POD moved onto the Brilliant Blackcurrant flavour. She wanted to test both but really it was just a ploy to drink both and see which flavour she preferred. As it goes she couldn’t make her mind up and decided she loves both just as much which is good for us. You can probably guess by the blue fingers, colouring was the order of the day and with the Ribena Minis bottles so easy to hold – she was able to colour and drink at the same time.



I don’t tend to keep drinks in my camera bag with all my gear (for obvious reasons) but Ribena Minis have proved that’s certainly an option. So on our next walk we can take a bottle with us, safe in the knowledge it’s not going to create a sticky mess. Often our adventures are accompanied by a treasure map. POD enjoys drawing these before we leave and writing a list of things to find. But we also have these rather splendid Go Find It cards now which list all kinds of things to discover from spiky, bumpy and tiny to heavy, spotty and huge. We love them and I can see they’re going to get a lot of use in the near future.



So all in all Ribena Minis (available in major supermarkets) have gone down a treat, POD loves them and we do too because they make less mess. You can purchase Blackcurrant, Orange and Apple & Mango in multipacks of 8x 200ml (RRP £2.99) with Blackcurrant and Apple & Mango also sold in packs of 4x 200ml (RRP £1.99). Single 250ml bottles are also available in Blackcurrant and Apple & Mango (RRP 85p).


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Ribena. Opinions are as always our own. For more information on Ribena Minis, head over to the Ribena website



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