We’ve joined the Netflix #StreamTeam

June 24, 2016

As big fans of the moving image we were all very excited about the impact Netflix would have on our viewing options.

We love to watch films as a family as well as being individually gripped by our favourite shows. However we’re also a very busy family. We run our own business and spend as much time outdoors exploring the Surrey countryside where we live as the English weather permits and venture further afield when possible.

The variety of content and the instant accessibility that Netflix provides are two very welcome and hugely useful aspects of the service for us. Whilst POD has enjoyed meeting new characters like Justin, Olive and Squidgy as they go on their historical adventures in Justin Time, we’ve finally been able to catch up with the millions of fans of the phenomenal Breaking Bad. We’ve introduced a Breaking Bad night where we finish the day with a couple of episodes in bed. POD is also obsessed with Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs which is a series that sees Harry jump into his bucket and be transported to DinoWorld with his friends.

Justin Time Go! final

Breaking Bad new final

Harry and Dinos final

There’s also a wide range of films and genres to choose from for both POD and us. Who knew her first introduction to Shakespeare (and a bonus smattering of Elton John classics) would come via the very entertaining Gnomeo and Juliet?, enjoyed equally by POD and the POD Father. I suspect the fact that Emily Blunt voices Juliet has something to do with this!

The films on offer for more mature audiences have allowed us to catch up with some recent blockbusters we’d missed; including the conclusion of the Hobbit Trilogy: The Battle of the Five Armies and The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1.

70305930_sdp final

70305908_sdp final

As well as delivering some we weren’t aware of, the darkly tense A Walk Amongst The Tombstones starring Liam Neeson and ‘Cousin Matthew’ from Downton and Netflix originals, Special Correspondents featuring the unlikely comedic pairing of Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana and The Ridiculous 6 an Adam Sandler inspired western spoof – Tarantino meets Sergio Leone.

80007406_boxshot final

FIN04_SP1312_1SHT_w2_RGB final

We’ve yet to tune in to the much raved about and highly anticipated Orange is the New Black but have plans to very soon. POD has already earmarked Lego – the Power of Friendship for her next rainy day, along with watching the exploits of someone she met at our recent Explorer Glamping experience at Chessington World of Adventures, the King of all the Lemurs, Julien in All Hail King Julien.


Lego Friends final

Netflix makes it even easier to find something for our viewing pleasure with suggestions based on our previous selections. All in all the speed of set up, the quality and the scope of the content make Netflix a service we now would not be without. It offers varied and quality viewing at our fingertips!

PODcast 6B5A8704

Disclaimer: We have an annual subscription to Netflix as part of our #StreamTeam role. 

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  • Mark Harvey July 6, 2016 at 7:47 am

    I recommend checking out Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Although its target audience is obviously little girls, there is a lot of almost satirical humour poking fun at every game we love about Barbie… For example in one episode Ken worries she has too many careers so makes Barbie robots to do some of the jobs, in another her closet gains sentience… It’s very daft but great fun – check it out!

    My other recommendation to anyone with Netflix is Sing it On – basically a reality version of Pitch Perfect. I challenge anybody not to love it. Also, Orange is the New Black is as good as everyone says it is. Try Daredevil and Jessica Jones too.