Weather themed crafts #BostikBlogger

May 27, 2016

There’s been much crafting in the Dove household recently, even the POD Father has been getting in on the act. After the rather spectacular Maleficent costume he made for POD last year, he’s been busy creating a pterodactyl outfit for her dinosaur disco! POD and I have also been making some weather crafts thanks to the brilliant team at Bostik who sent us some absolute gems to fuel our creativity.

We made a weather clock, a weather inspired door hanger and POD also made a weather themed picture with the leftovers although the latter did kind of morph into an alien! For the clock you’ll need: A coloured paper plate, foam sheets (or ready made clouds, snowflakes, sun and lightning flash), pipe cleaners, embellishments, an arrow, mini pegs, ‘snow string’, crepe paper and glue (we’re using the Bostik Fine & Wide Glu Pen). We also used a little Blu-Tak too.

PODcast Bostik 2First up we divided the plate into four sections using the pipe cleaners as a guide. Once glued firmly in place we set about creating our weather scenes – sunny, stormy, cloudy and snowy using embellishments and buttons to finish it off. While it dried, POD made her door hanger – you can get these ready made if you don’t fancy cutting one out. She coloured a tree and glued it to the door hanger, adding pom poms and embellishments after that.

Once our weather clock was dry we poked a picture hook through the middle of it (with Blu-Tak on the reverse side) and attached our arrow being careful not to attach it to the pipe cleaners! In an ideal world we’d use something like a split pin but in the absence of those, we improvised. We then hung our weather clock up using the crepe paper, ‘snow string’ and mini pegs.
PODcast Bostik

Disclaimer: We’re a #BostikBlogger family and received a box of craft materials as inspiration for our weather themed creations. 

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