Our Christmas Day baby turns five

December 24, 2015

It doesn’t seem five minutes since POD was born. She arrived on Christmas Day 2010 to the Salvation Army singing Good King Wenceslas outside the delivery suite. We couldn’t have planned that even if we’d tried to! When we returned home, the streets were still white with snow, as they had been for the majority of December. Although there was some snowfall the following year, POD doesn’t remember touching it or helping Daddy build a snowman. It’s far too mild for a white Christmas but I do hope this winter sees her make her first snowman and sleigh down a hill. She’s itching to have a snow ball fight with Mummy and Daddy too although I’m not sure she fully understands it’s a two-way thing. She’ll learn.

This year has been one of change. She finished pre-school having attended the same one since she was a year old. POD also started reception albeit not at the local school situated ten minutes walk away. Although we’re near the top of the waiting list now, we’ve been hugely impressed with the school she ended up at. The teachers have been wonderful and POD seems to be enjoying it there.

Last week was her first school play and she took her role as a King very seriously as you’d imagine. She wore the most fabulous of costumes, sung beautifully with two others and delivered Frankincense to baby Jesus. I loved that in the first performance she did a thumbs up signal, which made everyone laugh, and in the second opted to do a twirl after delivering her gift! She’s got such a great character, she’s funny and she’s bright – when she puts her listening ears on. The speed at which she’s grown since September however is quite astounding, it’s like she’s been stretched!

PODcast - five collage

POD thrives on exploring and trying new things. Its been great to see attempt windsurfing, sailing and tennis to having her first gymnastics competition. She’s also eaten boiled egg with soldiers for the first time having been allergic to raw and partially cooked egg since she was six months old. It’s nice she’s finally able to lick out the cake bowl like everyone else.

Tomorrow POD will turn five, it’s quite amazing we’ve reached this milestone already. Her excitement has been at fever pitch for days so we can only hope she sleeps tonight so she has the very best birthday.



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  • Karen December 26, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    Happy birthday POD, it’s amazing how quickly they change, mine have all stretched this year too xx