Pizza making at Pizza Express

December 7, 2015

Having thoroughly enjoyed making pizza at home last month, POD was thrilled to attend a birthday party at Pizza Express. We weren’t sure what the agenda was but POD secretly hoped it involved making or eating pizza. Luckily for her it was both! Before then however she got to catch up with some friends, including the birthday girl, before embarking on a spot of colouring and much hand washing. As we’d rushed straight from gymnastics to Pizza Express, she wasn’t in the most appropriate attire. We made the best of it and her clothes were mostly protected by a plastic apron anyway. She was so proud to wear a chef’s hat, even proudly stood for a photo!

Under the watchful eye of one of the chefs, all the children were given some dough and showed what to do. POD was just as excited to make pizza at Pizza Express than she was at home, perhaps even more so as she was with her friends. The look of glee on her face when they started was just wonderful.

PODcast Pizza ExpressThe chef was really great with all the children, helping those that were a little behind at each stage. POD especially enjoyed tossing her dough in the air although I was quite relieved when it landed on the table. It could have easily ended up on the window! POD’s a great catcher but she’s not quite as good at throwing – neither am I!

She loved adding all the toppings to her pizza and rather kindly chose pepperoni along with the staple ham and cheese. She was so pleased with her creation although the chef did get one of her looks when he took it away to be cooked! She was all smiles again as soon as she realised it would be back again and she’d see the fruits of her labour. All the children’s hats were numbered so it made it easy for the Pizza Express staff to know which pizza belonged with which child.

PODcast Pizza Express 2The children were then back in the bathroom to free their hands of tomato before taking their seats to enjoy some dough balls. POD’s pizza followed not long after than and oh my word, it was delicious! As you can imagine it was far nicer than the one she’d made at home. Thankfully after some persuasion she did shame some of it and the ice-cream that followed.

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  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault December 7, 2015 at 11:39 am

    The boys did a pizza party at a similar age to POD and had such fun. Trying to get the older one to cook now though is an uphill battle #sigh

  • Emma T December 10, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    I didn’t realise PE did parties for children that young. Shame N isn’t keen on pizza though. I did a pizza party for a work social and it was great fun. The best was making calzone and going in the actual kitchen

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