Inside Clandon Park after the fire

September 20, 2016

Clandon Park is a Palladian-style mansion which was built in the 1920’s for Lord Onslow to impress guests like King George V and Queen Mary. The estate remained with the Onslow family for 400 years and was given to the National Trust way back in 1956. On the 29th April last year, a fire broke out in the basement of Clandon House and it suffered extensive damage. It took fire crews some 12 hours to put out the fire.

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Getting a head start with School Reviewer

September 13, 2016
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When POD didn’t get offered a place at the local school last year, it came as a huge surprise. The school is walking distance from our home so we never imagined we’d have to research other schools. It was a worrying time what with getting our heads round the school admissions process and wanting to give our four year old the best start. As it happens she ended up going to the school she was offered a place at and, despite a rocky start, finished reception with a glowing report. POD recently started Year 1 at the same school and we remain on the waiting list for the nearest school. We don’t know if we’d accept a place if POD was offered one but it would be nice to have that choice.

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A new high in water confidence

September 7, 2016
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Earlier this summer we spent the weekend at Alton Towers with Konfidence where we witnessed a huge turning point. Five year old POD had gained so much water confidence we got to see her hunt for dive sticks, jump in and even be thrown across the pool! It was a stark contrast to the child that wouldn’t get her face wet a few months earlier.

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Camping the ultimate under the stars holiday

August 21, 2016

My first experience of camping was in the back garden of my Grandparents house. The tent was a 1950’s army canvas one with no groundsheet. It was laced up at the front, no zips here, my bed was a metal and canvas camp-bed that too bore the markings of previous military service.

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Win a Braun Multi Groomer worth £69.99

August 19, 2016
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With the German engineering it’s synonymous for, you can expect unparalleled styling from head to toe with Braun. There are a series of six new products in the beard, hair and body styling range, all boasting world class design and in-depth grooming expertise.

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Surrey’s rich heritage & ancient folklore

August 12, 2016
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We’ve written about Surrey many a time since relocating and becoming parents five years ago. Situated a stones throw from London, there’s a rich heritage that spans many thousands of years. It’s no stranger to ancient folklore either with ghostly sightings, highwaymen and dragons all forming part of its history. This beautiful county is home to all manner of tales from the weird and wonderful to the undeniably intriguing.

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Horse Club Riding Centre from Schleich

August 9, 2016
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Five year old POD has only ridden a handful of times. This has mostly been locally in Surrey although she did get the opportunity to be led round (by us!) at an equestrian centre in Le Touquet a few months ago. She certainly doesn’t ride regularly although the delight in her face when she does is undeniably infectious! The Horse Club Riding Centre from Schliech is perfect for imaginative play regardless of whether you ride or not. Even the POD Father said “wow that’s incredible” when he first saw it.

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