Family fun at Bocketts Farm

Bocketts Farm is a working family farm set in the Surrey countryside. With a combination of animal and play areas, indoors and out, it’s always a fun day.

Last time we visited POD was a little wary of the animals in the stables at first. On this occasion she wanted to know what each horse was called, what it was doing and what it ate. There were goats nearby and whilst they were a bit to lively for her, we were optimistic this was the day she’d feed animals herself.

PODcast IMG_2802

In the Big Animal Barn, POD climbed onto a step as she had on our last visit to see a sow and her piglets. Much to her excitement also in the Big Animal Barn were sheep, lambs, alpacas, goats, a kid and cows.

PODcast IMG_2823

Having seen Daddy and other children feed the animals, POD decided she’d like to have a go too. With animal feed in an outstretched palm, she watched in amazement as a sheep licked it off her hand.

PODcast IMG_2880

We thought once she’d done it they’d be no stopping her and we were right!

PODcast IMG_2890 B&W

Before long she was more than happy to be surrounded by animals.

PODcast IMG_2904

Outside there were slides to go down,

PODcast IMG_2957

brilliant new play areas to explore

PODcast IMG_2977

and swings to test.

PODcast IMG_2994

There was just time to bounce on the inflatable jumping pillows

PODcast IMG_3027

before heading to Little Hoppington. There POD stroked a rabbit, a guinea pig, a chicken and a goat.

PODcast IMG_3070 B&W

After lunch there was fun to be had milking cows, driving tractors and jumping on a trampoline. POD spotted the indoor soft play area too!

PODcast IMG_3111

We missed seeing the racing pigs in action on this occasion. They were enjoying a doze when we passed them.

PODcast IMG_3248 edit

POD was excited at the prospect of seeing more goats

PODcast IMG_3139 edit

and Mummy wanted to have a look at the deer.

PODcast IMG_3145

Back at the Big Animal Barn, we said hello to all the animals we’d already met.

PODcast IMG_3265

POD was lucky enough to hold a two day old lamb

PODcast IMG_3295

and Daddy couldn’t resist either.

PODcast IMG_3303 B&W

This day will be remembered for POD loving the animals and this one keeping a close eye on Mummy!

PODcast IMG_3307

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  1. What a wonderful place to visit to interact with farm animals. As I read the post I kept thinking that’s my favourite photo and then I’d see the next so in the end all I can say is loved them all.

  2. It looks like an amazing day out. The photo with the lamb is just beautiful, it’s something she will always remember I’m sure. We are looking for a good farm trip to do and this could be worth us making the drive for, it looks so lovely. Beautiful photos as always too xx

  3. You know my own children must have been Pod’s age when I last went to Bocketts Farm. It was always a lovely day out and it looks like it still is.

  4. I love that final image! We have a farm like this near us, great places aren’t they.

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun, and so lovely that POD got into feeding and cuddling the animals, too. My two love going to the farm :)

  6. Ah such lovely pictures. This looks like a great day out, we would enjoy this too. Well POD for feeding the animals, bless her. Those inflatable pillows look fab! xx

  7. How nice to see such a lot of interaction with the animals and to see POD’s confidence blossom. Looks like a very well run farm.

  8. Looks like you had a great day x I love the pictures amazing x

  9. Wish we had something like that nearby! Would so love to visit a farm too :) #WhatsTheStory.

  10. Oh wow utterly beautiful pictures as always and what a fun day you all had, nothing like a day at the farm, we have one opposite our new house and can feed the ponies from outside our front garden-utter bliss!

  11. POD with the 2 goats is just gorgeous. Looks like so much fun there!

  12. POD looks like she had an amazing day! I love the pics of the piglets especially and of course the one of her feeding the goats – so cute :)

  13. A fun place! So many animals so little time =)

  14. Ahh Charly what a fantastic adventure you all went on. Pod looks in her element for sure. All the amazing cute little animals too. I am dying to take my kids to an animal farm. Just haven’t had the chance. Sounds like you all had a great time. What lovely post. I love all the photos so cute. Spring is here with all the little lambs adorable.

  15. Ah gorgeous shots of your girl and what looks like a fab day out! She was so brave feeding the animals and holding the lamb! So cute! Xx

  16. What lovely photos! I think she’s at the right age where she can enjoy being around animals, so it must have been a lot of fun :)

  17. Looks like a fantastic place! Lots of brilliant photos, but I think the one of Pod holding the lamb is my favourite. Such wonder in her eyes! x

  18. What wonderful photos of POD with each of the animals, I’m glad she was comfortable with them this time, it’s so wonderful to watch isn’t it?

    • Just popping back from #CountryKids and I didn’t comment on the multi coloured pigs the last time, love them!

  19. That looks like a lovely fun place to get close and enjoy the animals. Lovely photos.

  20. Your post takes me back, both my girls used to have a cardigan similar to your daughter’s…
    Another great day out, especially love the photos where your hubby and POD are holding a lamb. xx

  21. Looks fabulous! Gorgeous photos xxx

  22. So much to do at Bocketts Charly, I love it! We did catch the pig racing when we were there and its always fun to have a little favourite to cheer on! Haven’t been there for a couple of years though, time for a revisit methinks…

  23. This makes me want to go to the farm this weekend. We have a really lovely family farm and the lambs are always so cute. Love your pics!!

  24. Grace & Lucas say – WOW!!! Looks like an awesome day out – love your photos sooooooo much xx #whatsthestory

  25. What a brilliant day filed with fun, lots to see! I love the final photo, watching over all!

  26. Wow this looks like a great day out!!! Beautiful photos :) x

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  28. The eyes of goats, actually scare me. They are just so…WEIRD! haha. Excellent photos hun {as always} looks like everyone had a fab day at the farm!! x

  29. Wow her hair is getting so long! Always a sucker for cute kid pictures with a lamb :)) lol x

  30. Oh bless her holding that lamb – how gorgeous…. loved that she mustered the confidence to feed the animals herself, and love the pictures of the pigs. X

  31. Oh I love Bocketts Farm! The jumping pillows are great aren’t they! I struggle to get my kids off them! Looks like you all had a wonderful day :-)

  32. What a great day to capture in photos.It’s easy to forget how big and daunting the farm animals must feel close up, when you are little. I’m glad she overcame her reservation and fed the animals. Fab photos, as ever! #CountryKids

  33. Very nice that your girl gets to spend time with animals! She’ll learn to be with nature, take care of it and preserve it ;)

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