Winkworth Arboretum in May

Winkworth Arboretum is a wonderful find. Maintained by the National Trust, the hillside arboretum has 1,000 different shrubs and trees with many of them rare. The red, orange and yellow hues displayed in Autumn are incredible, so much so we made two visits to take full advantage! In February we were greeted with daffodils, snowdrops and sunshine too.

Having not visited Winkworth Arboretum in Spring before, a return visit was necessary to see the magnolias, bluebells and azaleas. This is the sight that greeted me when I arrived – bluebells as far as the eye could see.

PODcast IMG_0978

That wasn’t the last of them though, beautiful bluebell displays were everywhere - in some cases lining each side of the pathway.

PODcast IMG_1083

If that wasn’t magical enough, heading towards the Azalea Steps I turned a corner only to be greeted by a huge rhododendron. It was so immense it stopped me me in tracks and caused me to saw “oh wow” out loud. This towering ball of white must have been five times the size of me, I’ve never seen anything like it.

PODcast IMG_1107

Little did I know what was around the corner.

PODcast IMG_1171

The Azalea Steps are something else. An inferno of colour all the way down to the Boat House and Rowe’s Flash Lake. It was a breathtaking sight.

PODcast IMG_1167

As well as capturing the azaleas en masse, it was great to get up close too. There was so much to discover

PODcast IMG_1205

like these moss covered branches.

PODcast IMG_1214

The smell was wonderful too.

PODcast IMG_1202

Even at the bottom of the Azalea Steps you couldn’t help but turn back and have another peek.

PODcast IMG_1291

The Boat House looked as inviting as it always does.

PODcast IMG_1301

Inside you can read its history, see old books

PODcast IMG_1324

and a few of the flowers I’d seen were there as well.

PODcast IMG_1322

The view from the Boat House was as beautiful as it always is

PODcast IMG_1318

and there was no shortage of blooms nearby.

PODcast IMG_1381

The walk back took me across the Badgers Bowl and up to the viewing platform. The reward being wonderful views across the Surrey countryside.

PODcast IMG_1511

It’s the first time I’ve visited Winkworth Arboretum in Spring – it really was spectacular.

PODcast IMG_1545

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  1. The colour really invites you in. It seems so peaceful and welcoming.

  2. Charly, i think you live in fairyland. seriously. there are so many beautiful gardens by you. how very lucky!! beautiful pictures.

  3. What beautiful photographs…the colours of those azaleas is stunning x

  4. Wow – what a beautiful place, and great pictures too. Winkworth is definitely going on my “to visit” list!

  5. i love your photography and these picture look like they should be in house and gardens magazine

  6. Everything is so colorful and alive! Never saw life as vivid as these! #HDYGG

  7. beautiful photos… and the bluebells are stunning! I think Winkworth was the first NT place we visited… I think it was late Autumn and it was so, so cold… I think another visit should be planned! x

  8. Just mega Charly! Those Azalea Steps just blew me away – and prodded me to make sure I try and get to my local gardens and their Azalea Walk next week.
    Those flowers in the jars, the boathouse, the moss covered trees – all just grand.And May hols coming up too….. *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint*

    Thank you for joining in again :) x

  9. Those azaleas are simply stunning, somewhere else to add to our NT places to visit list. We went to Polesden Lacey on Sunday, saw so many bluebells there too #HDYGG

  10. We are national trust members and after seeing these stunning images we’ll be heading here at some point this summer. Superbly captured!

  11. Your bluebell carpet photos are taking me back to my yurt holiday last year – I stayed in a yurt surrounded by woodland full of them. I’ve never seen anything like the Azalea Steps before, beautiful!

  12. Gosh, I SO want to visit Winkworth again now –
    I wonder if those bluebells and Azaleas will still be out next weekend?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.
    Emma :-)

  13. WOW Charly what an absolutely stunning place to visit. I don’t know england well where is this? I have been dying and serachig for a field of bluebells that everyone is talking about and yet I haven’t been able to find any anywhere! Boo. What a stunning place to be. Looks like the sun was out for you too. Gorgeous day out.Those azaleas are amazing I just planted some in my new back yard. Can’t wait for them to bloom. #HDYGG

  14. Look at those bluebells, just beautiful x I can almost smell all the flowers looking at these photos. Gorgeous x

  15. Beautiful as ever. Such pretty colour at this time of year! X

  16. You do visit some lovely places! I love the boat house and the view from it too.

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