Christmas display at the Glasshouse

PODcast IMG_1144After enjoying the fabulous Autumn hues in October, POD and I headed for the Christmas Display in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. Still characteristically beautiful, a few orange Maples remained and we found great displays of Autumnal colour on the ground.

An enormous Christmas tree greeted us when we reached the state-of-the-art Glasshouse. Inside we were treated to air plants with red berries as well as the traditional festive Poinsettia.

Baubles were placed throughout the Glasshouse to give it a Christmas feel. POD enjoyed these but was more excited about testing her new wellies in muddy puddles.

PODcast IMG_1237We stumbled upon wonderful species including a hairy purple plant which appeared green when photographed with a flash.

The tropical part of the Glasshouse is my favourite and today was no different – just awash with colour.

One of the most fascinating things we saw were Lady’s Slippers which are members of the Orchid family. As the name suggests, the flower looks like a slipper albeit a teeny tiny one.

We also came across several Carnivorous Pitcher Plants which look like something from the Day of the Triffids series! In PODcast IMG_1140essence the veiny cup-shaped plant has a deep cavity filled with sweet-smelling liquid that it uses as a prey-trapping mechanism. The larger pitchers can apparently trap small frogs, snakes and birds. No people though!

January sees the return of Butterflies at the Glasshouse, I’m sure we’ll be back at RHS Wisley for that.

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  1. Oh, wow – looks brilliant there. I’m not sure I like those pitcher plants, though – a little odd looking!

    • The pitcher plants are really weird – very clever though! Was so nice to see some colour :)

  2. Beautiful photos Charly. It’s so lovely to see some colour! Love PODs outfit and new wellies! Great shot of the robin too :)

    • Thank you Sara, much appreciated. Was really great to see some colour! We’d been out before then so POD was rather over dressed for puddles, she got so muddy too! Loved those little slipper flowers :)

  3. Little robin! Too sweet!

    What a fab set of photos, great to see such colour. I especially love the vajaja plant ;)

    POD is looking very festive in her wellies and I love the sound of a festive glasshouse – which reminds me I need to think about getting a Christmas tree!

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing what looked like a lovely trip out x

    • Thank you lovely – it’s so nice seeing some colour at this time of the year. Was in my element! POD was a rather overdressed for being out and about so took it upon herself to get filthy! You must get a Christmas tree this weekend :)

  4. oh wow. so many tropical flowers and plants that i see here in miami. can’t believe they survive there!

    • Most of these plants are in the tropical section of the Glasshouse so it’s super hot. You have to wait ten minutes while your camera gets used to it and de-steams itself! So great to see colour :)

  5. Love your photographs and I adore Wisley too. I used to go through all the seasons, it’s nice to still be able to see all these places but through different eyes! The robin photo is fantastic!

    • Thank you very much. We’ve just renewed our membership as it’s more than paid for itself. Amazing through the seasons and I can’t wait to see the butterflies!

  6. What stunning photos! In one of them POD seems to be in awe of the beauty around her. xx

    • Thank you Katia – it’s a fabulous place. I always love the tropical zone, lots of colour. POD took in the beauty around her then jumped in every available puddle :)

  7. Beautiful….. love the picture of the Robin – I don’t seem many of them about these days. X

    • Thank you Sarah – he was just sitting there looking at us. Just happened to be holding my camera :)

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