Take me outdoors #CSCollective

April 27, 2016
PODcast 6B5A9680

Moving from the big smoke to Surrey in 2010 is one of the best decisions we ever made. POD arrived on Christmas Day that year and she’s grown up enjoying the outdoors whatever the weather. She always says she loves it when it rains as she can jump in muddy puddles and catch raindrops on her tongue.

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A BIG thank you #MADBlogAwards

April 26, 2016
PODcast IMG_5265 B&W

It’s raining and I’m finding it increasingly distracting. It’s not particularly noisy but something has caught my eye outside and I can’t help but look. What I’m excited about is a bush. A bush outside the patio window adorned with purple berries. Like glistening jewels, each berry is momentarily encased by a raindrop before it falls to the ground. What I see however is one berry and a raindrop on the cusp of being separated. That’s what I want to capture, the very thought giving me butterflies and sending me outside.

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The Clangers magazine from CBeebies

April 26, 2016
PODcast 6B5A3482

If you asked me what my favourite programmes were as a child, The Clangers would definitely be up there. Originally broadcast back in the Seventies, it told the story of a family of murine creatures that lived inside a hollow planet. The Clangers consist of Mother Clanger, Major Clanger, Granny Clanger, Tiny Clanger and Small Clanger. Other planet inhabitants included the Froglets, a trio of orange aliens, the scrap metal Iron Chicken, the blue cow-like Sky Moos plus the Soup Dragon and her baby. Speaking only in whistles, they ate green soup, provided by the soup dragon, and blue string pudding!

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Blowing away the cobwebs at Frensham

April 25, 2016
PODcast 6B5A5446

As soon as you leave the car and head down a pathway lined by the tallest of trees, you know Frensham Little Pond will be a bit special. It says a lot about a place if you instantly feel relaxed the moment you arrive. You can almost sense the tension slipping away from your shoulders while you take a deep intake of breath. Arriving at the waters edge to admire the view, you can’t help but smile at this 13th century gem and the stunning heathland that surrounds it.

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Win £50 to spend on Konfidence swim essentials

April 24, 2016
PODcast 6B5A3385 this one

Last summer POD wore a Konfidence swim jacket for the first time while on holiday. It made a huge difference to her water confidence having got ‘the fear’ a couple of years earlier. She began swimming lessons in January and this week we had a huge breakthrough in that she submerged her head completely to retrieve a dive stick! Being selected as a Konfidence #swimologist family could not have come at a better time as we’re sure this will be the year POD learns to swim. To celebrate Konfidence is offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win £50 to spend on their swimming essentials.

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The B&W Photography Project | Week #92

April 23, 2016
PODcast 6B5A2151 B&W

POD has climbed since she was about two years old so it won’t come as a surprise to learn she loves trees. She’s even attempted to scale those with no branches before in her quest to get up high. Sometimes however she just sits, looking as if she’s in an armchair albeit without anything supporting her. While she has great body strength, I’m sure it can’t be comfortable! That said it’s a rather lovely moment captured on a recent walk.

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Saltrock Clothing review & discount #SaltrockSoul

April 18, 2016
PODcast 6B5A1134

Having started nursery when she was a year old, by three POD was pretty much deciding what she wanted to wear. Granted she didn’t always get her way but she’d certainly developed her own sense of style way before she started school. These days her clothes tend to fall into two categories – beautiful dresses and cool casuals. Saltrock certainly falls into the latter with POD insisting on wearing their clothes regardless of whether she’s at the beach or in the forest.

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How to make a mini beast garden #BostikBlogger

April 17, 2016
PODcast 6B5A2693 this one

We received another fabulous craft box from Bostik this month. With a mini beasts/garden theme, POD decided she wanted to combine the two and make a mini beast garden she could also plant flower seeds in. Having found a suitable planter and a great spot, on the kitchen window sill outside, we set about making our beasties.

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Children spend less time outside than prisoners

April 16, 2016
PODcast 6B5A0713

When I was a child we existed in a largely technology free world and spent much of our time outdoors. Whether it was playing games, skipping or attempting cartwheels, we were always active. Much has changed since the days of flares, big hair and sounds of the disco but a recent study has revealed some shocking statistics.

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