The Georgeous Room Challenge

July 27, 2016
PODcast - George Asda challenge

We didn’t know whether POD was going to be a girl or a boy although I was convinced she was going to be the latter. Her room was pretty generic as a result with blue check curtains and a similar chair albeit a paler shade. Everything else was an off white aside from three brightly coloured animal pictures providing that pop of colour. Several years on the ‘design’ of the room hasn’t particularly changed although it has accumulated more furniture. And stuff!

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The Magic Twirl Mim-Mim Plush from Flair

July 26, 2016
PODcast 6B5A0214

POD has long been a fan of Kate and Mim-Mim on CBeebies. It tells the story of five year old Kate and her toy bunny, Mim-Mim, who travel to the land of Mimiloo where Mim-Mim comes to becomes a larger than life playmate. Being a bit of an explorer herself, POD always enjoys the fantastic trips this duo has. But the introduction of this new Mim-Mim plush toy means she can have her own adventures with Mim-Mim too.

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Persil Wild Explorers #DirtIsGood

July 17, 2016
PODcast 6B5A9582

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to play in a giant mud volcano is it? POD was lucky enough to do exactly that at the Persil Wild Explorers launch which is part of the #DirtIsGood campaign. Standing 7ft tall and 10ft wide, this impressive volcanic structure carries over three tonnes of mud and even has a crater that erupts with ‘molten lava’.

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Give kids ‘Room to Grow’ with Homebase

July 13, 2016
PODcast 6B5A5619

Although I look back at the years we spent in London with great fondness, I love that we have access to so much green space in Surrey. It’s the best environment for five year old POD who has grown-up loving nature’s playground – especially climbing every tree in sight! But that’s not always the case with a new study from Homebase revealing 51% of children will spend most of their summer holidays playing computer games or watching television.

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The new Peppa Pig Classic Toys range

July 9, 2016
PODcast 6B5A9433 header

POD has long been a fan of Peppa Pig. If memory serves me right it was the first animated TV show she ever saw and she’s continued to watch ever since. Accompanying toys are always a sure fire hit and the new Peppa Pig Classic Toys range from Character Options certainly tops the lot. Inspiring fans both old and new, it brings together everything POD loves about the much-loved TV series.

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Tell compelling stories with photography

July 6, 2016
PODcast 6B5A5778 B&WPODcast Lightroom version

Thank you to everyone that came along to the 10 Ways To Tell Compelling Stories With Photography session at #BML16. It was certainly a highlight from the weekend which largely consisted of socialising with old friends and new as well as laughing a little bit too much. Oh yes and I genuinely mistook Cherry Healey for a long lost chum, I know I know! Lots of you asked for a round-up of the photography session so here for your delectation are a few key take aways.

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Splash Landings with Konfidence

July 6, 2016
PODcast 6B5A8176PODcast Lightroom version

We’ve worked hard to help POD lose ‘the fear’ over the last couple of years. We saw an exciting development last summer and she started 1-2-1 swimming lessons in January which we hoped would help build her water confidence. We’ve seen tremendous improvement since then – she’s even put her head under the water a few times! Having turned a corner, we couldn’t wait to get to Alton Towers with Konfidence to see how she got on.

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Louise Wilkinson kids collection at M&S

June 29, 2016
PODcast 6B5A9142

When POD was younger she wore wear trousers a fair bit. Don’t get me wrong they were always cute but necessary what with her desire to climb everything in sight! These days she’s very much a girly girl and looking back, probably has been since the age of three. She adores graceful dresses and would wear one every day given half a chance I’m sure. She continues to enjoy climbing, trees especially but equally relishes in all things pretty.

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Win £50 to spend on Konfidence swimwear

June 29, 2016
KONFIDENCE 2016-jacket-designs-2 final

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we’re thrilled to announce we’re giving away £50 to spend on Konfidence swimming essentials. Konfidence are Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of swimming and learn to swim products. We’re huge fans as their swimming aids and swimwear which has really helped POD build up her water confidence.

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