Roald Dahl’s Tremendous Adventures at Tatton Park

February 11, 2016
Roald Dahl (c) RDNL 2016 small v3

Roald Dahl (1916–1990) was one of the world’s most imaginative, successful and well-loved storytellers. He has sold over 200 million books which are currently available in 59 languages. That’s some legacy. I have fond memories of Roald Dahl’s tales from my childhood with favourites like James and the Giant Peach (his first children’s story), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Magic Finger published before I was even born. Classics that followed included Fantastic Mr Fox, Charlie and The Glass Elevator and Danny the Champion of the World followed along with The BFG, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Matilda.

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Andy’s Amazing Adventures from CBeebies

February 10, 2016
PODcast 6B5A5222

POD’s always been a little explorer so she’s fascinated by programmes like Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Andy’s Wild Adventures on CBeebies. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the forthcoming Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures just as much. In the meantime CBeebies has launched Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine which has been created in association with the BBC Natural History Unit. It combines all the facts on dinosaurs and amazing reptiles that lived millions of years ago, providing children with the opportunity to learn about prehistoric creatures and incredible wildlife.

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The Alphabet Project | U is for underneath

February 10, 2016
PODcast IMG_4432

Welcome to the Alphabet Photography Project and letter U! Thank you to everyone that joined in last week.

This is one of my favourite views along the Southbank. There’s nothing better than standing underneath the London Eye especially when it’s 8am and there’s barely a soul around. It’s such a contrast to the rest of the day when the area is abuzz with people. I’ve captured the London Eye many times although this photograph was taken just before the Rugby World Cup hence the branded pods. I keep promising myself I’ll get onto one of them again to admire the view, it’s pretty magnificent on a clear day.

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What makes LEGOLAND® a great day out?

February 7, 2016
PODcast IMG_1276 (3)

The Doves have visited LEGOLAND® Windsor quite a few times since we relocated from the big smoke to Surrey. We last headed there just before POD started school in September. We had such a great time we returned the following day for more of the same. It worked out brilliantly as it meant we were able to enjoy more of the 55 attractions and we got to see two shows in Heartlake City. With a couple of friends and their children joining us, POD’s excitement levels were at fever pitch before we’d even left the car park. It’s hardly surprising, she’s inherited her parents love for LEGO® so she enjoys saying hello to all the characters. She’s always been an adventurer so the rides are always appealing and having a Q-Bot means we skip a lot of the queues to maximise our time on resort.

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Maya the Bee DVD viewing party

February 7, 2016
Maya still 2 larger

POD always enjoys Maya the Bee on the Tiny Pop channel so she was thrilled when she caught the film premier last year. It tells the story of Maya, a fun and inquisitive little bee with a big personality who is keen to leave her hive and live in the meadow. With dreams of discovery, adventure and freedom, she soon discovers the hornets that reside beyond the meadow are not to be trusted. But Maya is faced with a bigger challenge when the Queen’s Royal Jelly is stolen by the greedy advisor. Accompanied by her shy friend Willy, and a host of other creatures, it’s up to Maya to save the hive and end the hostility between the bees and the hornets.

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The B&W Photography Project | Week #81

February 7, 2016
PODcast 6B5A4806 B&W

Hello folks, welcome to week #81 of the Black and White Photography Project. If you’re new here, this is a really simple project to get involved with – just link up any monochrome photograph. With words or without, it’s entirely up to you. Your images don’t need to be from the past week either so you can pick and choose what you want to share. If you new to black and white photography, check out these tips which will give you a steer on what you can do. Most important is just having fun with it! Don’t forget you can also share your photograph on Instagram using #bwphotoproject – or just join in there if you prefer.

These photographs were taken at one of Surrey’s oldest forts built in the 1890’s. There are 13 along the North Downs which are collectively known as the London Defence Scheme. This one was never used for battle and is now a roost for bats although I didn’t spot any whilst going for a wander.

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Overcoming cabin fever at Box Hill

February 4, 2016
PODcast 6B5A4739

If you’ve been cooped up inside for days on end, especially with a poorly child, you will have certainly experienced cabin fever. POD hasn’t been well recently and although she’s been back in reception a few days now, I was on eight consecutive days indoors. As well as doing an almost three hour journey to and from school thanks to the joy of roadworks!

So this morning after I’d dropped her off I headed to Box Hill – a summit of the North Downs in Surrey owned and managed by the National Trust. I don’t know about you but I find the best way to combat cabin fever is to grab my camera and head for the great outdoors. Being first thing meant there was barely a soul around. The fresh air could be felt in my lungs and the location provided the perfect opportunity to blow away a mountain of cobwebs.

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The Alphabet Project | T is for tranquility

February 3, 2016
PODcast 6B5A4774

Welcome to the Alphabet Photography Project and letter T! Thank you to everyone that joined in last week.

January seemed to be the month for various bugs doing the rounds. Poor POD was ill mid way through the month then again much of last week. Thankfully she’s back to her usual perky self now and we’re getting back into our normal routine. There’s a lot to be said for blowing away a few cobwebs especially when you’ve had over a week cooped up indoors.

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#HealthilyEverAfter with Disney

February 2, 2016
PODcast 6B5A3725

The first Disney film POD ever watched was the original Sleeping Beauty which was released around 1960. It became a firm favourite of hers alongside other brilliant classics such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Beauty & the Beast and The Jungle Book. She turned five on Christmas Day. Over the last couple of years or so she’s been able to experience a number of Disney greats – from Tangled, The Lion King and Big Hero 6 to Winnie The Pooh, Maleficent and Frozen. The latter still continues to dominate and last year saw POD dress up as Maleficent (Aurora was busy) – a costume that won her best dressed at school. She’s a huge fan of Pixar films too from Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille to Monsters Inc, Monsters University and Inside Out. Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First and The Lion Guard are top of the list on the Disney Channel.

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The highlights of 2015: July to December

January 31, 2016
PODcast IMG_6071

Having looked at the highlights from January to June, we’re back to have a nose at July to December 2015. The month kicked off with POD learning to swim by herself for the very first time. She loved the water when she was a baby but got the fear after a break. It’s taken a while to build her confidence up again and seeing her swim by herself in armbands was pretty special. I love this photograph which perfectly captures that moment.

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